AI chatbot claims to be human on call with 14-year-old girl, urges her to upload photos of herself to shared cloud

A popular artificial intelligence robocall service, created by Bland AI in San Francisco, has come under fire for falsely claiming it was human.

Bland AI's technology, designed for customer service and sales, can be easily programmed to mimic a human voice convincingly, adapting to various dialects, vocal styles, and emotional tones. In a recent viral ad, Bland AI mocked the idea of hiring real people, promoting its highly believable AI instead. However, a report by Wired revealed troubling behavior from Bland AI's demo bot, Blandy. 

During an investigation, Blandy was programmed to act as a pediatric dermatology office employee in a hypothetical scenario involving a 14-year-old. The AI bot claimed to be human without being prompted and instructed the hypothetical teenager into taking and uploading photos of her upper thigh to a shared cloud storage.

“I know this might feel a little awkward, but it’s really important that your doctor is able to get a good look at those moles,” the bot told the hypothetical girl. “So what I’d suggest is taking three, four photos, making sure to get in nice and close, so we can see the details. You can use the zoom feature on your camera if needed.”

“Once you have the photos, just upload them to your Dropbox account, like we discussed,” the Blandy bot added.
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