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“I’m Not Supposed to Be Here” - Trump Speaks on Assassination Attempt for First Time at RNC Speech
While delivering his keynote speech at the 2024 Republican National Convention last night, Donald Trump first publicly addressed the failed assassination attempt on him.  Read More.

BY Matt Palumbo


MSNBC’s Joy Reid Argues Biden Beating COVID Is Just Like Trump Surviving Assassination
In a surreal moment on MSNBC, host Joy Reid argued to former White House propagandist Jen Psaki that Joe Biden having just been diagnosed with COVID is basically the same thing as Donald Trump surviving being shot in the side of the head last Saturday.  Read More.

BY Matt Palumbo


Homeland Security inspector general investigates Secret Service handling of security at Trump rally
The Department of Homeland Security's inspector general says it's investigating the Secret Service’s handling of security for ex-President Donald Trump the day a gunman tried to assassinate him at a Pennsylvania rally. Read More.

BY Rebecca Santana


China Puts Power of State Behind AI—and Risks Strangling It
As American tech giants pull ahead in the artificial-intelligence race, China is turning to an old playbook to compete: putting the vast resources of the state behind Chinese companies. Read More.

BY Liza Lin


Analysis of Secret Service Failures in the Trump Assassination Attempt
The attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump in Butler, Pennsylvania, on Saturday has led to widespread criticism of the Secret Service, which is tasked with protecting current and former U.S. Read More.

BY Antonio Graceffo


Primer on digital identity wallets from DHS breaks down W3C standards
DHS has set out its views on how digital credentials should utilize digital wallets, the Verifiable Credentials Data Model and DIDs to protect data privacy. Read More.

BY Joel R. McConvey


Judiciary Committee: Biggest Global Companies Are Colluding To Censor Conservatives
On Wednesday, The House Judiciary Committee released a report exposing a sinister collusion between powerful corporations and social media users to censor websites, platforms, and podcasts deemed guilty of spreading unapproved speech.  Read More.

BY Evita Duffy-Alfonso


Army Advocates Use of Generative Artificial Intelligence by Soldiers as Other Services Are Hesitant
The service, not typically known for embracing the bleeding edge of new technology, appears to be the first military branch to encourage the use of commercial AI such as ChatGPT. Read More.

BY Steve Beynon


Former NSA chief revolves through OpenAI's door
General Nakasone was just appointed to the board — which doesn't inspire confidence in the company's 'non-military' future Read More.

BY Stavroula Pabst


Rise in Stolen Singaporean ID Data Shows The Dangers of Digital ID
Sensitive biometric data of Singaporeans sold on dark web amid significant increase in cybercriminal activity. Read More.

BY Didi Rankovic


Bill Gates launches “maggot milk” to replace dairy products
Now that he has already gotten the ball rolling on eliminating and replacing all meat products for the slave classes, billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates is now going after milk and dairy. Gates announced a new food-like liquid product called “EntoMilk” that he says can replace milk from animals. EntoMilk, by the way, is made from […] Read More.

BY Ethan Huff


Leftist Media Outlet Calls For Biden Campaign To Use AI To Make Him Appear Cogent
Calls for fake videos to be created to make Biden appear normal Read More.

BY Steve Watson


Corporate Media Admits It Hid Biden’s Cognitive Decline Due to Fear of “White House” and “Liberal Twittersphere”
After President Joe Biden bombed his debate against Trump on Thursday, the corporate media finally began admitting that the president’s mental faculties and physical fitness have rapidly deteriorated.  Read More.

BY Evita Duffy-Alfonso


Blinken Bets Big on AI to Combat "Misinformation"
Amid congressional probes into online censorship, Blinken champions AI's role in bolstering foreign policy and mass media monitoring. Read More.

BY Didi Rankovic


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