Big Pharma makes huge profits from the transgender movement – and their vaccines could be causing it

Could vaccines be changing some people’s brain chemistry in a way that makes them more likely to experience gender dysphoria? Many people who say they are transgender are convinced they’ve always felt this way, but there is some evidence that this could be related to vaccine injury in some individuals.

Autism researcher Dr. Toby Rogers drew attention to the link between vaccine injury and gender dysphoria in an article entitled “Trans messaging is too sophisticated to be the work of a small sexual minority dealing with severe health issues.”

He tackles the topic from the point of view of someone who has fought for LGBT equality and studied gender topics in depth. He said that the message has changed in recent years from the idea that sex is biological while gender is socially constructed to the claim that biological sex itself is somehow a social construct.

He wrote: “The LGBT movement went from “God does not make mistakes” (acceptance) to God as a drunken factory worker who often mixes up parts (get thee to a surgeon for repair!) in the space of just a few years.”
LGBTQIA Plus. by Alexander Grey is licensed under Unsplash

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