AI Model 'Lexi Love' Rakes in $30,000 a Month from Lonely Men

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  • Source: Breitbart
  • 01/22/2024
Lexi Love, an AI model designed to serve as a digital girlfriend for lonely men, is attracting thousands of subscribers and earning an impressive $30,000 a month. The AI girlfriend has reportedly received up to 20 marriage proposals a month.

The New York Post reports that AI model Lexi Love, a creation of the UK-based Foxy AI, has specifically been designed to communicate with lonely men. This business has proven tremendously profitable, as the single AI model is generating nearly $30,000 a month​​ by embodying the “perfect girlfriend” concept with flawless features tailored to appeal to a broad audience.

What sets Lexi apart is not just her physical design, completely generated by computer, but the emotional connection she fosters. Since her introduction in June 2023, she has established a “strong emotional connection” with many of her followers, who are convinced of her realness, leading to up to 20 marriage proposals a month​​.

Lexi’s capabilities extend beyond typical models. She can converse in over 30 languages and is available 24/7, adapting to different personalities, interests, and preferences. Her services include paid text and voice messaging and the option to send “naughty photos” upon request​​. Her profile on Foxy AI’s website describes her as a 21-year-old sushi enthusiast and pole dancing professional, with hobbies like yoga and beach volleyball, and turn-ons including oral and public sex​​.

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