Elon Musk says his new startup xAI will debut its artificial intelligence Saturday

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  • Source: CNBC
  • 11/03/2023
Elon Musk said Friday that his AI company, xAI, will debut its technology on Saturday.

"Tomorrow, xAI will release its first AI to a select group," Musk posted on X, formerly known as Twitter. "In some important respects, it is the best that currently exists."

The AI startup, which Musk announced in July, seeks to "understand the true nature of the universe," according to its website, and Musk seems to be setting it up to compete with companies like OpenAI, Google and Anthropic, which are behind leading chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard and Claude. In the spring, Musk reportedly secured thousands of high-powered GPU processors from Nvidia, the kind of chips necessary to build a large language model akin to tools like OpenAI's ChatGPT or Google's Bard.

Elon Musk by Daniel Oberhaus is licensed under Flickr Daniel Oberhaus

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