Future Models of AI-Enhanced Dream Interpretation

The interpretation of dreams is being revolutionized by the emergence of new technologies of artificial intelligence (AI). The advent of AI is rapidly expanding the accessibility of dream research, enabling a wider range of people to participate in and benefit from its methods and findings.

For instance, Sigmund Freud and C.G. Jung encouraged dream interpreters to study the symbolism of folklore, mythology, and religions; AI can provide more access to these kinds of historical and cross-cultural resources. When Calvin Hall and G. William Domhoff call attention to the meaningful patterns in large collections of dreams, AI can provide more access to complex statistical analyses of precisely these kinds of patterns. When Jeremy Taylor and Montague Ullman highlight the value of bringing dream awareness to the broader public, AI can help their teachings reach vastly larger audiences all around the world.

Living as we do in a time of rapid technological change, no one can make confident claims about how exactly the future will develop. With that caution in mind, I foresee three possible roles of AI in the practice of dream interpretation.
Dream Big in chalk by Randy Tarampi is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com

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