Gen Z doesn't trust their bosses to give career advice -- here's what they're turning to instead

Providing employees with opportunities for growth in the workplace can be critical in building loyalty, which is something many employers could use these days in an age of increased attrition and diminishing engagement.

At the same time, America’s youngest generation of workers expect to learn more on the job than their more seasoned counterparts.

However, they say they are not getting the support they need, according to a new survey, and nearly half of them trust artificial intelligence tools over their bosses when it comes to charting their paths.

A study released Tuesday by career development platform INTOO explores how support for career advancement – and the lack thereof – is impacting today’s workforce, and describes how many workers struggle to progress in their careers due to a lack of support from their employers. 
boss watching smartphone by Sebastian Herrmann is licensed under Unsplash

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