NUCLEAR training exercise led by the FBI in Houston

Houston will host a series of 'large-scale' nuclear training drills this week as the military war games the unthinkable. 

The FBI has warned residents of Harris County and southeast Houston that 'multi-agency' exercises will be carried out from Monday to Friday to simulate a nuclear attack.

The agency reassured the public there was no need to be alarmed by the presence of 'military personnel and aircraft, and people in protective equipment'.

It comes amid growing threats from North Korea and Russia and analysis that shows a missile from Pyongyang could kill around 130,000 people if dropped on Houston.  

Fatal radioactive fallout from a North Korean missile tested in 2017 would cover an area of around 3 sq-km, engulfing landmarks such as the Downtown Aquarium and the George H. W. Bush Monument, according to NukeMap, a tool developed by nuclear weapons historian Alex Wellerstein.

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