I hardly ever drink, so I know that Anheuser Busch won’t miss me as a customer.  Bud Light was never my favorite, anyhow.  But I won’t touch a can of their witches’ brew ever again.  That’s because Bud Light has now famously featured a transgender person on its beer can. 

Dylan Mulvaney, the person I speak of, attests to being female due to taking estrogen and having plastic surgery.  But Dylan Mulvaney has male chromosomes and, were it not for whatever surgery has been conducted, would have male anatomy.

Given Mulvaney’s fixed and false contention about being female, Mulvaney is apparently laboring under severe psychiatric symptoms, whether they be obsessive compulsive symptoms, symptoms of a personality disorder or psychotic symptoms. 

I harbor no ill will toward Mulvaney.  It would be no different to me were one to assert he or she is a tiger.  It would be no different if one were to assert he or she is 22-years-old when actually 63-years-old.  It would be no different if the local real estate agent believed she were Superman incarnate and could leap tall buildings in a single bound. 

Accepting psychiatric illness as a lifestyle choice or as a path toward authenticity is pure poison.  Anheuser Busch is bottling that poison and selling it, and I won’t be swallowing their lies—ever.

Neither should you.

If you drink (and it’s a bad idea, to begin with), drink to your health and success, not to forces that make a mockery of science, medicine and which, ultimately, put our worthiness as a people into serious doubt.

Dr. Keith Ablow


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