Iran declares RED LINE: If U.S. strikes Iranian soil over three soldier deaths, Iran will strike numerous American targets throughout Middle East

If even one United States-linked bomb hits Iranian soil in the coming days, Tehran is promising to retaliate against American military targets all throughout the Middle East.As the world waits to see how President Biden responds to the killing of three U.S. soldiers by Iranian-backed militias in Jordan, Iran is drawing a red line that it is ordering the West not to cross, or else.

Biden says he has already decided what Iran's punishment will be, but has not yet publicly disclosed what it is. This came after numerous meetings between Biden and military and national security advisers who presented him with a range of potential options that include:

• Striking Iranian assets in the Persian Gulf
• Targeting Iran-backed militias in Syria and Iraq
• Launching a cyberattack
• Launching strikes on Iranian territory to take out commanders and key military sites

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