Judges Given Cautious Approval to Use A.I. in Writing Legal Opinions

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  • Source: Breitbart
  • 01/08/2024
LONDON (AP) – England´s 1,000-year-old legal system – still steeped in traditions that include wearing wigs and robes – has taken a cautious step into the future by giving judges permission to use artificial intelligence to help produce rulings.

The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary last month said AI could help write opinions but stressed it shouldn´t be used for research or legal analyses because the technology can fabricate information and provide misleading, inaccurate and biased information.

“Judges do not need to shun the careful use of AI,” said Master of the Rolls Geoffrey Vos, the second-highest ranking judge in England and Wales. “But they must ensure that they protect confidence and take full personal responsibility for everything they produce.”

At a time when scholars and legal experts are pondering a future when AI could replace lawyers, help select jurors or even decide cases, the approach spelled out Dec. 11 by the judiciary is restrained. But for a profession slow to embrace technological change, it’s a proactive step as government and industry – and society in general – react to a rapidly advancing technology alternately portrayed as a panacea and a menace.
Judge hold law book by Benjamin Brunner is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com

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