Nikki Haley Is All-In on the Climate Cult

It is now clear that President Trump will win the Republican Nomination for President. Nevertheless, Nikki Haley’s last-ditch effort to change the trajectory of the race has given rise to a concerning development. Republicans across the nation should take note. As her candidacy has looked increasingly tenuous, Haley has resorted to courting the well-heeled advocates of environmental extremism on Wall Street. 

Haley has long accepted at face value the climate cult’s framing of environmental matters, even calling climate change a national security issue. Allowing the left to frame arguments about America’s future presupposes assumptions we should treat with suspicion and even disdain. Some politicians adopt these frames either instinctively or because they don’t know better. Others do so as a subtle way to let their donors know they don’t intend to rock the boat. But regardless of which explanation applies to Haley—and we have good reason to think Haley falls into this second category—her rhetoric should be a red flag for those of us on the right. 

Nikki Haley by Gage Skidmore is licensed under flickr Gage Skidmore

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