Tech expert warns Gen Z’s top news source being ‘actively manipulated by our enemy’

As China increasingly grows as a U.S. adversary versus ally, one tech expert sounded a "five-alarm fire" about how Chinese-owned TikTok is indoctrinating America’s youngest generations.

"The information environment is being actively manipulated by our enemy. That is a problem," the Heritage Foundation tech policy center director Kara Frederick said on "The Bottom Line" Wednesday. "It is a five-alarm fire and we don't even know what that's going to look like 10 years from now when children who are getting all of this information, they're internalizing it, they're believing that it's true."

"Then they're going into our institutions, they're graduating from college and becoming the judges, the lawyers of the next generation –  massive issue," she stressed. "It needs to be banned."
photo of outer space by NASA is licensed under Unsplash

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