The Worst Woke Kids Content That Came Out Since Last Thanksgiving

Children’s entertainment has been slowly becoming woke-ified over time, with the slippery slope turning into a perilous mudslide over the last few years especially. 

While the kids shows and movies from a decade ago might have subtly hinted about the “evils” of the Pilgrims “stealing” lands from American Indians, now the indoctrination has become a lot more brazen. Turn on any cartoon these days and you’re likely to find same-sex parents, trans flags, non-binary characters, conversations about white fragility, or animated drag queens leading a Pride parade (no, seriously).

For example, last Thanksgiving, Disney released the full-length animated film “Strange World.” It was a total flop for the studio first and foremost because it was boring and forgettable. However, one major sticking point for parents was the gay teen romance at the center of it.

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