Tranissaries: The Trans Movement's Striking Parallels to a Dark and Forgotten Practice in the Ottoman Empire

The modern American regime has many soldiers who do battle on its behalf. There are the BLM rioters who loot helpless bodegas and shoe stores any time a “gentle giant” succumbs to a trooper’s bullet or a policeman’s knee. There are AWFLs; the pink pussy-hat wearers who attend every protest and enforce every newly-invented norm. There are Antifa; the violent actors who torch cars, besiege courthouses, and burn police stations.

But one class of warriors stands apart from all the rest. Call them the “trannissaries.” Or, if you prefer something even sillier, “tranny jannies.”

For those who didn’t grow up playing Age of Empires II, janissaries were the elite soldiers of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which conquered the entire Balkans and Near East during the 15th and 16th centuries. They fought and won the toughest battles for the last and greatest of the Islamic empires that waged war against Christian Europe.

Today, it’s common on Twitter or in comments sections to see people quip that the most elite, tip-of-the-spear troopers for modern leftism are America’s growing pool of transgender people. Or, as the pun goes, “trannissaries.”
Janissaries by Giovanni Jean Brindesi is licensed under Ottoman Empire Public domain

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