WATCH: Tucker Carlson in behind-the-scenes leaked video BLASTS Fox Nation

Not only does he tell the caller that he doesn’t like the Fox Nation site, he also makes it clear because of glitches, etc. that he would prefer to post his interviews online and “dump the whole thing on YouTube.”

“I don’t want to be a slave to Fox Nation, which I don’t think that people watch anyway. We’re gonna — because, you know, I’m like a representative of the American media now, speaking to an exile in Romania and welcoming him back into the brotherhood of journalists,” Carlson told the unknown person he was speaking with on the leaked video from Media Matters.

In reality, it appears that Carlson was trying to be professional and was frustrated with the Fox Nation streaming service and site. BRPIt also is potentially a coordinated and scripted leak to try and make him look bad and many feel is probably the first of many.

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