Woman sues University of Nebraska Medical Center for cutting off her healthy breasts at age 16 in attempt to turn her male

The Center for American Liberty announced on Wednesday that a woman who underwent gender transition as a minor and has since realized she is not male and detransitioned is taking legal action against the University of Nebraska Medical Center for manipulating her into getting a double mastectomy at age 16.

According to the complaint, Luka Hein was "robbed of her womanhood" when doctors put her on a radical fast track for breast removal surgery without first offering alternative options to her gender dysphoria such as counseling or other, less invasive treatments.

Hein, who has an extensive history of mental health issues, was diagnosed with "gender identity disorder" by defendant Dr. Perry Johnson during her first visit. Instead of taking Hein's mental health history into account, Johnson allegedly bypassed all available options and immediately began planning for double mastectomy surgery.

"On July 26, 2018, Dr. Johnson was training resident physician Dr. Stephan Barrientos in plastic surgery at UNMC. On that date, Drs. Johnson and Barrientos surgically removed the healthy breasts of 16-year-old Luka Hein. After surgery, the pathology report showed no lesions, masses, or nodules were identified. In other words, the pathology report confirmed that Drs. Johnson and Barrientos permanently removed the healthy breasts from a 16-year-old girl who, due to her age and confounding psycho-social situation, was incapable of consenting to this irreversible procedure," the complaint reads.
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