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“You Are Part of the Problem” - Heritage Foundation President Slams WEF at WEF
The Heritage Foundation’s President Dr. Kevin Roberts bashed the World Economic Forum to their faces.  “It’s laughable that you  or anyone would say that Davos is protecting liberal democracy,” he fired back in response to a question about Trump seeking “retribution” in another term. Read More.

BY Matt Palumbo


90,000 Troops: NATO Starts Biggest Wargames in Decades Next Week
Steadfast Defender 24 "will show that NATO can conduct and sustain complex multi-domain operations over several months". Read More.

BY Breitbart London


Bill Gates explains how AI will change our lives in 5 years
It’s no secret that Bill Gates is bullish on artificial intelligence, but he’s now predicting that the technology will be transformative for everyone within the next five years. Read More.

BY Jordan Valinsky


World Economic Forum Prepares For Meeting on “Disease X”
Reps from pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to attend confab about virus that could be 20 times deadlier than COVID. Read More.

BY Paul Joseph Watson


V-Safe Free Text Entries to be Released After Court Battle
Since the COVID products were placed under EUA, the government has told us they were “safe and effective.” When some doctors and members of the public began to suspect that may not be the case, they turned to VAERS. Read More.

BY Tracy Beanz


NBC News Reports 'Deep State' Plot to Facilitate a 'Military Coup' Against Trump Amidst Fear for Alleged 'Retribution' if Re-Elected
Concerns are intensifying among far-left national security “experts” and Pentagon insiders over the possibility that former President Donald Trump might leverage the U.S. Read More.

BY Jim Hoft


How integrating AI and clinical decision support systems can help in the ER
A Yale University School of Medicine ER clinical informatics expert offers a deep dive preview of his HIMSS24 educational session that will show how artificial intelligence and CDS can boost emergency care. Read More.

BY Bill Siwicki


Taylor Swift fake AI ad dupes fans
Taylor Swift's likeness and voice were used in an AI-generated ad for cookware that fooled fans, but the company confirmed it was a fake. Read More.

BY Elizabeth Stanton


At Senate AI hearing, news executives fight against “fair use” claims for AI training data
Media orgs want AI firms to license content for training, and Congress is sympathetic. Read More.



College Republicans of America endorses Trump for president
The organization said the decision to endorse a candidate for the primary, “typically a rare occurrence in GOP circles, underscores the exceptional nature of this electoral cycle and President Trump’s dominant influence within the Party.” Read More.

BY Hannah Nightingale


AOC says preventing trans athletes from competing against women is racist against black women
“And then black women and girls are then further subjected to marginalization,” AOC said in a House hearing on Title IX changes. Read More.

BY Libby Emmons


Judges Given Cautious Approval to Use A.I. in Writing Legal Opinions
The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary said AI could help write opinions but stressed it shouldn´t be used for research or legal analyses. Read More.

BY Breitbart London


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Hospitalization Deepens Mystery of His Absence
His No. 2 at the Pentagon didn’t learn of his hospital stay until days after he was admitted Read More.

BY Gordon Lubold and Nancy A. Youssef


How an AI robot smashed the human world record in Labyrinth, a classic marble maze game
Researchers from ETH Zurich developed an artificial intelligence robot that can compete with humans in physical competitions requiring acute motor skills. Read More.

BY Kurt Knutsson, CyberGuy


The Digital ID Rollout Is Becoming a Hacker's Dream
Governments and corporations around the world are showing great enthusiasm in either already implementing, or planning to implement some form of digital IDs. Read More.

BY Didi Rankovic


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